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Sales popups that increase your conversion rate

The fastest way to boost your sales.

Increase your sales easily by showing recent transactions in a popup users will trust. Customize it, copy the script and you’re good to go! Yes, it’s that easy.

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Launch offer: 55% OFF the next 100 orders

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How it works

Get more Sales in 3 Easy Steps

1. Customize your popup.
Change its colors, position, or text to fit your brand perfectly. It’s as easy as counting to 3.
2. Add the script
3. Get more sales
“SalesPopup is sooo simple! Took me 8 mins from configuration, integration, deployment.”
- Philipp Keller, maker of Backl.io

Why it works so well

The secret of good landing pages...

Social Proof is the #1 easiest way to increase your sales. Studies show that it can increase a landing page’s conversion rate up to 35%.

But good social proof is hard to get, 99% of customers will never leave a testimonial even if they like the product.

With SalesPopup, any purchase becomes social proof. The app collects the transactions directly from your payment providers and displays them into a beautiful popup for all your visitors to see.

This is the equivalent of seeing a massive waiting line in front of a restaurant. If so many people are waiting, it has to be good, right?

Just adding sale popups can increase conversion rate by 15-20%
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Loading speed

Load faster than a blink of an eye

The script load asynchronously and is deferred to offer you maximum speed
Only 2KB
The script is only 2KB in size, making it fast to load and easy to use

Why not code my own?

It's all about trust!

You could code your own, but will they trust it?

Most people are used to fake social proof and will not trust a random popup. (The comments on the right are a good example)

By using a trusted third party, you show your users that you're not trying to trick them.
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You don't just get a popup, you get trust.

By using a third party, you show your users that you're not trying to trick them.

If they click on the verified badge, they will be sent to a page that proves your website is verified and transactions are real. No room for doubt.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got your questions covered!

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Boost your conversion rate instantly
Sales popup is the easiest way to increase your conversion rate. Customize your popup, copy the script and you’re good to go!
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